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Welcome to cee|tv - the most comprehensive professional source on television in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

We are a network of television experts and reporters united by the goal to provide an extensive outlook on the media markets in the CEE region.

We supply exclusive news and market intelligence on 20 countries, covering more than 100 leading terrestrial channels. Our service gives TV professionals the opportunity to actively monitor developments in the markets: the latest news and deals, ratings, market analysis and profiles of local channels and producers. Our clients can access current channel schedules and manage an On Air list, which includes air date information for international formats, local shows, acquired series and acquired non-scripted shows. Our extensive archive provides show descriptions and broadcast history of over 6.000 local shows, including 760+ international formats.

The daily CEETV newsletter keeps you up-to-date with all the latest market developments.

Both local and international TV companies can benefit from cee|tv. Content suppliers can easily follow developments on the market at the click of a mouse, allowing them to compare their performance to market rivals in an easy-to-manage interactive environment. Local broadcasters and producers have the opportunity to actively monitor trends and developments in the neighboring markets and find the best formula to suit their own businesses locally.

If you are doing TV business in CEE, our service will open up new opportunities for you and enable you to stay ahead of the competition.

Join us now. Sign up here or contact us at sales@ceetv.net
cee|tv. we cee it.

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