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Paprika Studios premieres documentary Abortion Dream Team at Polish film festival
 15 May 2024
The documentary Abortion Dream Team, co-produced by Paprika Studios, premiered on May 10 at Poland’s largest documentary film festival 21st Millennium Docs Against Gravity. The emotionally charged film deals with a controversial topic: abortion in Poland, one of the most Catholic countries in the world.

Worldwide, every third woman has an abortion in her lifetime. In Poland, however, the law protects the fetus more than the woman's life. In 2010, around 10% to 15% of abortions for Polish women had to be performed outside the country due to strict domestic restrictions. Fortunately, the Abortion Dream Team – four courageous women who run a hotline – do everything they can to support women in need and work around the clock. On TikTok, they boast of facilitating 100 abortions a day and shock people with the slogan "Abortion is OK!"

Paprika Studios not only wants to raise awareness of important issues, but also impactthelives of thousands of women: "We believe in the power of people's stories. We love to entertain, but we also recognise the value and potential of documentaries. They offer a unique opportunity to explore and understand the complexity of our world by shedding light on issues and problems that might otherwise go unnoticed," says Kristoffer Rus, Producer at Paprika Studios Poland.

Director Karolina Lucyna Domagalska shares: "I met the protagonists of the film in 2018 when I was interviewing them for one of the most popular women’s magazines in Poland “WysokieObcasy”. The text, or more precisely, the cover of the magazine, on which Natalia Broniarczyk, Karolina Więckiewicz and Justyna Wydrzyńska stand against a pink background wearing T-shirts with the slogan "Abortion is OK", caused a wave of outrage. “WysokieObcasy” apologized for their "mistake” and a person openly opposed to abortion became the new editor-in-chief.” Domagalska adds: “Getting to know Abortion Dream Team not only changed my professional life, but most importantly showed me that even in the most hopeless situation you can fight, and you can do it effectively. And it doesn't have to be done with deadly seriousness. Abortion Dream Team is a film about regaining power over one's own life, about taking what we deserve without apology, and about solidarity that can save lives.”

Abortion Dream Team is another production after the Polish Film Awards nominee VIKA! directed by Agnieszka Zwiefka and produced by MY WAY STUDIO producers Anna Stylinska and Katarzyna Ślesicka. The film was made in cooperation with Paprika Studios. The producer on behalf of Paprika Studios is Kristoffer Rus, known to Polish audiences, as the producer/director of the crime series Murderesses (streaming on Netflix, Viaplay). The executive producer (Viaplay) is Barbara Wiśniewska-Grzesiak.

Global sales for Abortion Dream Team are handled by Viaplay Content Distribution.

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